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Life Insurance Academy Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

The insurance industry has traditionally been male dominated. Additionally, it typically has attracted and been limited to those with a sales background. Things are rapidly changing, however, as a result of the impact of a young couple from Chapel Hill, NC. 


In this episode, Roger interviews Alisha and Ryan Wimmer, the founders of Freedom and Faith Agency. They both got started in life insurance sales in 2017. Alisha was a registered nurse for seven years and had just completed her nurse practitioner’s license. Ryan went from being a marine, to a general contractor, to insurance sales. In just over 3 years they have not only found personal success in sales but have built a multi-million dollar, 100 agent insurance group. A special point of interest is that over 80% of their agents are female, many who have come from the healthcare and nursing industry. 


Alisha and Ryan are breaking stereotypes and forging new paths in this industry and are seeing the lives of so many around them change as a result. Listen in to hear their story.