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Life Insurance Academy Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

New Agent, Dameron Batson, is finding a formula for quick confidence and big success simply by being willing to try something new. 

Our own Chris Ball talks about his current focus of developing new insurance sales opportunities for agents. He has been demonstrating live telesales call sessions and providing virtual shadowing opportunities of his process. Most agents get stuck when they are uncertain of how to move forward. We believe that providing opportunities for agents to watch the sales process in real time demystifies what it actually looks like to do the work. It removes the uncertainty and provides them a clear path forward to success.  

In this episode, Roger discusses one of these recent virtual shadowing opportunities that Dameron had with Chris, and the quick success that Dameron had as a result. 

Special Note: This episode was recorded just 2 days after Dameron took action and the results were amazing. However, Dameron’s weekly total was well over $12,000 in annual premium after 4 days the week that this podcast was recorded. 

Being able to impact an agent and their family’s finances so quickly is one of the most rewarding things about this business. Listen in and decide to take action.